I was born into a very large family in a very small farming community in what most consider to be the middle of nowhere. My nuclear family was almost larger than my high school graduating class. My parents are farmers and ranchers, devoted folks for whom family means just about everything. And I am the beneficiary of their steadiness, hard work, and devotion to what some would consider a rather common life.

Married to my high school sweetheart, whom I’ve known since first grade, we are raising three amazing kids who we are just beginning to launch from our nest. I fell into the subtle monotony of full-time homemaker and homeschooling mom for about 20 years, and must have thought it would last forever. But I’ve been jolted in the realization that these kids are, in fact, growing up and leave my home!

My husband and I graduated college in Colorado, had a long hiatus in Arizona, and eventually found ourselves back in Colorado. We love the great outdoors, family life, and teaching and counseling hurting souls in the timeless truths of God’s unchanging and reliable Word. Things that nourish my soul include reading, being in the sunshine, and sipping stout English breakfast tea with honey first thing in the morning.